Constant Speed Propeller and Flap Controller

Two in one.

Two in one, constant speed propeller regulator and flap controller. Standard 57mm air norm size, with sunlight readable display. 320*240 RGB screen, displays actual and required RPM, flap position, engine hours. Propeller speed is regulated with smart PID regulator, which can be customized by user, depends on number of propeller blades.



Manual or automatic adjustment of propeller speed

Engine time logging

Engine running time

Measuring engine RPM

Optional eCopilot integration

User configurable parameters for PID regulator

User programmable flap positions (up to 5 flap positions)


2.5″ QVGA sunlight readable LCD

 ALS (ambient light sensor)

External SD card

1 Rotary switch with push button for RPM adjustment

2 Push buttons for flap setting


High voltage RPM input (5-100V)

CAN bus interface


6A output H bridge for driving propeller pitch

6A output H bridge for driving flaps


Power supply

Power input: 9-25V DC

Consumption approx. 120mA, without driving propeller or flaps

Size and Weight

Standard 57mm hole

61mm x 61mm x 53 mm

Weight: 215 grams

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